Thank you for your interest!  We welcome anyone who wants to help make our community just a little more comfortable with neurodiversity.  Here are current known needs for the summer:

  1. Student Volunteers: We need 7th through 12th graders, both on and off the autism spectrum, to participate in biweekly Club Peers sessions, where we talk about and role-play various social skills and challenges.  All participants will get community service hours.  Biweekly on Sundays, June 17th - August 12th.  
  2. Adult Social Coaching Interns: We need young adults, ideally in college or graduate school, who are interested and/or experienced with autism and neurodiversity.  We will train you to help coach Club Peers, and/or help run our Fall for our Social Coaching groups.  

If you're not yet sure what you can do, we can help you figure it out!  We need occasional participants, as well as media, writing, and organizational help too. Just fill out the appropriate forms below. 


Our sessions are located at Hera Hub
and The Tenley Town Library in Washington, D.C.